Individual Assessments

mangrovesHow ready are you to retire?

The reality of life today is that most people spend the first fifty years of their lives surrendering their individuality and personal freedom in the pursuit of success, and the next forty years trying to figure out who they really are.

It is quite normal to become so completely defined by “what you do” in your career that the idea of retiring is at best unappealing, and in extreme cases down right scary.

To successfully transition from the work world to a happy production retirement life, you have to disengage your psyche from your place of employment, and engage yourself in a new purposeful life of your own creation.

We make use of an online retirement readiness assessment to analyze your state of retirement preparation in eighteen different dimensions and highlight both areas where you excel and areas where further planning might be in order. The resulting diagnostic report is written in plain English and provides a snapshot of your personal life preferences that you can return to time and again as your retirement journey progresses.