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marbles 2Why Train for Retirement at Work?

“Most of us have worked for the greater part of our life. Over the years work has given us several benefits that have become such integral parts of our lives that they have raised themselves to the level of ‘needs'”. Dr. Richard P. Johnson What Color is Your Retirement?

These needs include: financial compensation, time management, a sense of unity, status and socialization.  Everyone is aware that we must plan for their future financially, but the importance of planning for these other four needs is largely ignored.

In the last twenty years nature of retirement has undergone a radical transformation. As they age, your employees are faced with increasing personal and financial challenges that distract them from their work and affect their productivity while they are still in your employ.  As an employer, it is just smart business to help your employees address these issues both to maintain your present workforce and to attract the best qualified new employees.

  • Our programs assist human resources professionals and employees equally by teaching employees how to develop life goals and objectives.
  • Employees who embrace mature life planning skills are more contented and focused at work.
  • Retirement education is a great way to introduce life management and lifestyle transition planning tools to workers of any skill level.
  • Retirement education is a cost effective way to make employees feel valued.
  • Retirement lifestyle planning incorporates a health and wellness module that is a seamless fit with any corporate wellness initiative.
Corporate Group Sessions:

Our corporate group session can be conducted on your premises or any suitable off-site location.
The workshop is structured to generate relaxed discussion regarding the many changes that your employees will  face as they transition from fulltime employment to a new lifestyle that they will create for themselves.  This new life which we call “olderhood” may well include some sort of fulltime or part time work, but it must also include:

  •  career & work
  • health & wellness
  • finances
  • family & relationships
  • leisure & social
  • personal development
The Program Topics
  • Why do I need a retirement lifestyle plan?
  • What if I have no idea what I want to do when I leave work?
  • How can I retire when I have extended family who depend on me?
  • How is retirement life different from my daily life now?
  • Why is it so important to remain active when I retire?
  • My job is my life – how will I ever feel useful again?
  • How can I figure out what sort of assistance is available to help me make my retirement dream a reality?

The end result of taking this program is that you will end up with a strategy for your future.