Outplacement Services

IMG-20150123-00453Outplacement for Mature Employees

Finding a new job at any age can be a daunting task. But having to find a new job in the later years of employment either through being laid off, redundancy, or forced early retirement, can be a serious challenge. Financial obligations may leave the mature employee with no alternative but to endure the stressful ordeal of applying for jobs at this advanced age.

At Olderhood we understand first-hand what it is like to be in this predicament. We can help mature employees navigate through this challenging transition to find a new position which provides stable income and much needed peace of mind.

What we offer individuals:
  • We specialize in helping mature employees job search following a layoff,  job loss, or prolonged absence from the workforce
  • We offer customized individual career counseling and advising
  • We treat everyone we meet with absolute respect and confidentiality.
  • We offer exercises to uncover potential new job interests
  • We share strategies for researching companies and potential job opportunities
  • We offer current job searching training techniques to those who have not had to seek employment in many years
  • We help with updating resumes, cover letters and the job application process
  • We offer practice interview techniques, and strategies for setting yourself apart from the crowd
  • We provide job readiness transition assessments
  • We offer a state of the art retirement readiness assessment
What we offer companies:
  • Outplacement is a rapidly growing desirable component of a severance agreement
  • Employers can use outplacement effectively to help employees bridge the gap between unemployment and a new job
  • Through our international affiliations, Olderhood provides a unique network of placement offices in major business centers around the world
  • Our service enables employers offer outplacement both to protect their reputations as desirable employers and, to minimize their liability in litigious situations.