Money Matters

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When they reach the retirement phase of life many people assume that they will not work again and there will not be many opportunities to increase their income. But is this really the case? Talking to an expert can help determine whether budgeting and lifestyle adjustments are all that is standing between you and your dream retirement, or whether supplemental income may be required. 

Our resident financial expert will work with you on your financial requirements, because Money Matters. We won’t try to sell you anything – we will simply examine your Personal Income and Expenses, Savings, Investments & Pensions, Household Budget, Interest Rates & Inflation, Inheritance and Family Issues to help you  make a realistic plan for your and your family to help to ensure that your money will last as long as you live.

Discussion topics include:
  • How do you know whether you will have enough money to see you through the remaining years of your life?
  • What can you do if you are unsure how to work this out?
  • Who can you trust to give you an unbiased assessment?