Life Transition Consulting

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Bill and Robin were tremendous.  Because my assessment was almost all in the red I needed to be there today.  Before today when someone mentioned to me retirement I would mentally disengage because the whole idea and process was confusing to me.  Thank you for fulfilling the vision.”

Olderhood provides a full range of retirement consulting services to companies, groups and associations.

The consulting services and material, both written and in audio/video format, can be provided in a white-label fashion where Olderhood complements the company’s culture and operational procedures “behind the scenes”. White-label services can target both company employees and/or company clients.

We provide solutions to help with:

  • Employee retention
  • Motivating employees to embrace early retirement
  • Assisting with employee retirement planning
  • Improving employee relations and benefits through quality support
  • Assisting with downsizing initiatives – outsourcing, redundancies, early retirement
  • Business growth through new customer acquisition
  • Improving brand image and customer awareness
  • Improving customer retention and loyalty
  • Improving good corporate social responsibility through quality information services
  • Engaging a target audience by providing information that they value in a method that they can relate to