Mission Statement

The Olderhood Group Ltd. was founded in 2013 by Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham. The mission of the Olderhood Group is to identify and define a new way of looking at the third phase of life (beyond childhood and adulthood) and encourage people from all walks of life to view their post work years as a time of learning, enrichment, and fulfillment.

Key Facts About Olderhood
  • Our research and interaction with people of all walks of life around the world continually demonstrates the huge need for a positive message of hope for aging people.
  • Our audience has the time and the willingness to seek out useful information and learn from it.
  • We encourage our readers to interact with each other online has already fostered such a tremendous growth of fellowship that they have begun forming online and face-to-face social clubs known as “The Olderhood International Club” in the USA, The Philippines, India and Bermuda.
  • There are positive older people in isolated circumstances all around the world – the olderhood messages brings people with common interests together to help each other and make a positive meaningful contribution to society .
  • It is our belief that the more people who read this book and learn of our core message, the more social clubs will be formed. These will include book clubs, discussion groups, coffee clubs and online chat groups.
  • Our team of blog writers reside in Bermuda, The United States and Canada.
  • Our volunteer advisory committees are located in Bermuda, The United States, India, Malaysia and The Philippines, and each country’s Facebook page is managed by a volunteer administrator.
  • Our followers engage with us across multiple online platforms and our site is active twenty-four hours a day making our it possible for us to maintain a very high engagement rate.
  • Our blog is located at www.olderhood.com