EAP Strategic Alliance

New Strategic Alliance with Employee Assistance Program Bermuda (EAP) Creates a One Stop Shop for Career Transition Guidance and Support

The Olderhood Group Ltd., a Career Partners International partner, (Olderhood) today announced a strategic alliance with Employee Assistance Program Bermuda (EAP) to provide an expanded career transition service offering to corporate clients and their employees.

The new arrangement supports and extends EAP’s existing counselling, outplacement and retirement transition services significantly. “Offering the Olderhood suite of career and life transitions services to EAP clients is a natural extension of our existing counselling programs,” said Doris DeCosta, Executive Director of EAP Bermuda. “All EAP members will now have access to a variety of outplacement services, retirement lifestyle transition assessments and workshops, and career guidance and assessment tools”.

“As the Bermuda partner of Career Partners International, Olderhood has access to state of the art online tools and assessments used by Fortune 500 companies,” said Olderhood CEO, Bill Storie. “This new relationship with EAP will put Career Partners International career transition tools and guidance in the hands of those who most need assistance in taking the next step in their chosen career path”.

About Employee Assistance Program Bermuda

EAP of Bermuda help businesses and organizations address productivity issues by helping employees identify and resolve personal concerns that affect job performance. Through prevention, identification, and resolution of these issues, EAP enhances employee and workplace effectiveness and are a vital tool for maintaining and improving worker health and productivity, retaining valued employees, and returning employees to work after illnesses or injuries.

About The Olderhood Group Ltd.

The Olderhood Group provides retirement lifestyle planning, education, and training for corporations. Our consulting practice focuses on helping companies augment their employee benefits programs, and their customer outreach initiatives, by seamlessly integrating customized workshops, in-house training, and online learning opportunities into their existing platforms.